Realistic Eyes In Unreal Engine

I usually botch the eyes pretty bad. And I am not so happy with just putting high specularity and glossiness on the eyes. This latest character I am working on has reflectance going instead of specularity. I am happy with the effect although it took a few extra hours. There is also a video below that shows what the geometry should look like to get this effect. All you need to do to pull this off is use 2 seperate materials and 2 layers of geometry that are split apart by a few mm. I used one of the Reflective glass materials from UDK for the top layer and a normal diffuse for the eye.

And some in game screen shots of the character. Didn’t make any clothes for her yet. So don’t look anywhere other than the eyes. But you can see that the eyes hold up even at full screen.




If you want to make eyes like this for your game. Here is a video that shows how you need to build your eyes in a 3d program to get the same effect:

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