Tileable Sidewalk Texture

I was kind of tempted to just go and download one of those texture packs from turbosquid. But, this is a game about brooklyn. I just couldn’t live with myself if the sidewalk was a photo of anywhere other than the real brooklyn. So I headed over to 49 Bogart Street, and took a picture of the ground in front.



I had to modify things of course to get it seamless and able to cover a large urban area. I skewed it and stretched it and distorted it until it was perfectly square and snapping to the grid in my photoeditor. There was no way I was going to get the edges on the grid, so for the tile edges, I smoothed out the surface so there were no divisions and then built the divisions into the geometry. Then I took that and imported it into a sculpting application and scratched and banged it up to make it look more natural.


I haven’t built all of the pieces with the variations yet. But So far I am loving the texture. And I am proud I am not showing a picture of new jersey or queens and trying to pass it off as brooklyn.

Then I went ahead and made about 30 different models that I could interchange and snap together, all sharing the one texture atlas above.


That dirt and gum on the sidewalk is the real brooklyn.


I can’t wait to see it in the level with the rest of the trimmings.

May 18th Update: Corner Piece


You can see how bad I am needing a sidewalk in this screenshot.


May 25th Update: No this shouldn’t take a week to do, I have just been busy with some other stuff.

Here is the street with the sidewalk:



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